#ZineWriMo Day 21: Share Your Favourite Zine Tools

Hello, zine friends! Anyone want some warmth because there’s this place in South Australia that is getting pretty toasty…

Kidding. Here we are in the third week of November, usually the home of the third week slump, third week drag – whatever you want to call it. This is the time when it’s hard to keep focused and keep going. That’s why we have daily prompts to keep us going when we don’t want to have to think about stuff. 😉

Today’s task is to share your favourite zine tools. Now I love my needle and thread for binding, and I love my bone folder for nice, solid folding, but my favourite tool that I don’t get to use enough is…

The Japanese screw punch!

This little lovely is the superhero version of your standard hole punch. Where you can’t punch things like chipboard with a standard hole punch, you can with this. It comes with various sizes of ‘bits’ to put in it to create different sized holes.

But why talk about it when you can watch two short videos I made just under a year ago?

Here are part one and part two of me explaining the punch and how it works.

That’s me for today, zine friends. Let me know about your favourite zine making tools and how you’re doing this wonderful ZineWriMo.

3 thoughts on “#ZineWriMo Day 21: Share Your Favourite Zine Tools

  1. Hard to choose one favourite but some tools I like a lot are stamps (letters, images and some I made myself out of lino) and my trusty paper cutter. 🙂


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