#ZineWriMo Days 26 & 27

Hello, zine friends, and happy start to the final week of November! And not even a full week at that. Eeesh. How the time is flying.

Today I’m combining days 26 and 27, so let’s jump right in.

Day 26: Try Something New: Make a Collage

Okay, so it’s less collage and more just ripped up pieces of paper, but it turned into a background I rather liked for one of my zine covers. (Bonus cookies if you know which one.)

I used to feel that collages just weren’t my thing, but after giving a few a go, I’m rather liking it. I do need to pick up some magazines, though. I need more inspiration.

On to today!

Set Your Zine Free

A beautiful facet of the zine community is the free zine. The zine given away or traded for the love of zine-ing. Many distros with physical shops have free sections or baskets for you to get into to your hearts’ delight.

If you’re in the Brisbane and like the look of some of the zines I’ve made so far this ZineWriMo, drop in at Copy & Destroy Zine Library. I sent a little somethin’ somethin’ for their free section earlier this month.

I wasn’t able to drop off any copies of my zines out and about today, but I was planning on dropping them at my library. Your local library can be a great place to do this without provoking your anxiety.

That’s me for today. Happy mail and ZineWriMo day 28 coming tomorrow. ^_^


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