Important Notice Re:

There’s been a hiccup over a Please read if you were/are a member there.

Hey Zinesters, I messed up … Bad. We had a spammer bulk message most everybody. I went to delete those messages in the database (the only way) because I didn’t want anyone, lame as the messages were, to fall for the scam. Despite selecting only the scammers messages it deleted all the messages. This didn’t seem like a problem because the server makes daily, weekly, and monthly backups.

So I imported what should have been yesterday’s database and was going to merge the messages into the current database. Only the import overwrote the current database and apparently the server hadn’t made a daily backup since March. While I make multiple backups they all rely on the initial ones the server makes being correct. So EVERYTHING that was is gone.

I’m pretty destroyed. I’ve worked hard on this site for months. I was really proud of what it had become. If you had signed up before you will need to sign up again (unless you were part of the beta testers). I’m so, so sorry. I’m rather distraught over this. It’s ultimately my fault for not making sure the backups were good. I apologize to you all and ask for another chance, this will not happen again.



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