Happy Mail Monday: Happy Post Box Edition


Happy maaaaaaail! Yeah, zine friends, it’s happy mail time. Can you feel the mail love radiating from someone in South Australia general direction? That’s me, because happiness is a post box full o’ goodies.

Small Potatoes 2! I reviewed Small Potatoes 1 not long back and was so happy to see the next one in my post box. I’m so excited. I get to see (and read!) a new zine series grow and change as it’s happening. For someone who is often late to the party, this is a very happy thing for me.

Thank you so much to Keira, who writes Small Potatoes.

Ooo, Etsy order time. Can you tell I’m still flirting with learning more about witchcraft? I have no idea what to expect with this one, but I’m looking forward to finding out. Check out Haus of Tarot if you’re interested.

Technically this is a guess because there wasn’t a note or anything inside, but I do believe this is my Freedom APA zine pack. Woo! An APA is a topic for another post, but I joined in the Freedom APA to see what it was like, and this is my first mailing. It’s fun to have a mysterious envelope full of zines just show up in your post box.

For anyone wondering, yes, I still hope to put together an APA. 🙂

Snail mail from Billy – and typed on a typewriter! (I so want a typewriter in my life. ❤ ) I'm not the best penpal in the world in regards to response times, but I do still enjoy a letter in the mail. He also included a zine as well – and zines make everything better.

Except soup, I suppose.

Billy has a new project called Snail Mail Adventures in which you pick the genre, and he will send you a story. If you want to know more, click on the link.

It’s fun to hear from someone I haven’t heard from in a long time (or what feels like a long time), so it was lovely to see a mini-zine and letter from Anna Gecko who also had an interstate move to deal with.

Thank you so much for getting back in touch.

That’s me for today (I think). There’s a lot running at the moment, so stay tuned for some important stuff, some fun stuff… All kinds of stuff!

Until then…


4 thoughts on “Happy Mail Monday: Happy Post Box Edition

    • All good. I like the idea of an APA, but I think the fact I’m so far from the US impacts on too many factors for me to stay in for longer than the one year.


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