Happy Mail Monday: Postcard Edition

Hello, zine friends! Happy Monday. 🙂

We’re really in it now, good ol 2018. We’ve already navigated a few ups and downs with turning resolutions into realities. Figuring out where the best 30 minutes is for writing and perhaps solidifying plans for future projects. (Future zines? 🙂 )

I am feeling anxious (as usual) but excited about things. Having a planner to keep me organised certainly helps on both counts. But you know what helps my anxieties and worries?

Happy Mail!

Oh, segues.

Postcards! Allysha Webber has been so generous in ‘inviting me along’ on her adventures in the US by sending me postcards. It’s fun seeing the world through postcards and doubly fun reading Allysha’s thoughts on where she is.

If you can’t travel, find friends who do. ^_^ Haha.

Many thanks to Allysha.

PS. If anyone has suggestions for how to store postcards in a way where I can see both front and back, let me know. I wish there were trading card-like pages but for postcards instead.

That’s me for today, friends. There is a lot happening in the background for big things to come soon – I promise!


2 thoughts on “Happy Mail Monday: Postcard Edition

  1. Hey, Nyx, there definitely are clear postcard pages made like those trading card sheets. I don’t have a good source offhand but you should be able to find them from collector supply companies.

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