The Zine Collector Podcast (And Video!)

Hello, zine friends!

Last week I announced my intentions to start a podcast, and this week, I finally made a little something! It’s a hello rather than a full episode, but I’ve already learned a few things to take into the first proper episode of the podcast.

I’ve been really nervous about the video side of things, but I decided to give it a go anyway. (I reserve the right to decide video isn’t for me later on, hahaha.) So here it is!

If you are looking forward to a podcast rather than videos, you can listen to it on The Zine Collector

(Sorry, I can’t seem to embed they’re audio player – yet.)

My head is still spinning a bit with the ‘am I really doing this?’ feelings, but this was a good little step into things. I am really excited to connect with people in a new way, though, as I’ve been enjoying podcasts and videos for ages.

So there we are! I’m going to work on getting the audio onto other platforms as well, so I’ll announce those as they pop up.

Thank you all for the encouragement you’ve given me and for soothing my doubts (which repeatedly rear up) through the whole process. Here’s to a good episode one to come soon!

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