The Zine Collector Video/Podcast Episode 004: 2018 Year of the Perzine Part Two: Consent & Copyright

Hello, dear and wonderful zine friends! It’s that time again.

This episode, I’m tackling issues of consent and copyright when writing perzines (writing about other people). Sort of. This was a big, complex topic, and I will be the first to admit that I wandered and floundered a bit, but I do hope you get something out of it.

Also in the podcast, I talk about the first zinesters I ever met as well as why I love the free, short, mailing list perzine.

In this episode of The Zine Collector, I talk about the complicated matters surrounding consent and copyright when writing about other people in your perzines.


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4 Replies to “The Zine Collector Video/Podcast Episode 004: 2018 Year of the Perzine Part Two: Consent & Copyright”

  1. it was very interesting and informative!! thanks for researching and explaining the topic of consent and copyright so well! I found it very useful.

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  2. This episode flew by! I think it’s great that you talked about this, as there are still too many people who don’t know/realise that this can become an issue and as you said, we don’t want any more zinesters being sued. I personally always either ask permission or use initials, sometimes actual ones and sometimes I even make those up, just for safety’s sake. Not that I’ve ever written anything juicy about anyone, but still: better to be safe than sued.

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    1. Thank you for the comment. I’m on definitely on the side of ‘better safe than sued’. After seeing a young person write ‘copyright is for sheep’ (or something to that effect), I wondered if they realised just how bad it can get – and how easily they can get in trouble.

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