Mini Zine Review: Forever Incomplete #1

Forever Incomplete #1

Forever Incomplete is a perzine about life with OCD, confronting myths about OCD, living alone, and more.

I must say that I do like a good a good intro. Forever Incomplete starts off with a short intro about who Kirsty is and what’s in the zine. While that isn’t exactly necessary, I do like knowing a bit about the person whose life I’ll be reading about as well as what they’ve chosen to share with me.

From the introduction, Kirsty writes about life with OCD and how the stereotypes about OCD can be wrong. I appreciated the eye opener – especially when it came to busting the myths around OCD. It reminded me that there are nuances and facets to everything – even the stereotype that people with OCD are particularly neat and tidy.

I identified a lot with Kirsty’s zine story and the particular kind of embarrassment that comes with really liking something that you’re not very good at. I’m glad that despite the comparisons and crafting ‘misses’ that zines stuck.

I did have a private little smile at the ‘Things Which Don’t Happen to Heterosexual People’ because a few have definitely happened to me and Wanderer (hetero couple) because we’re in an age gap relationship. (Please don’t take this as me taking away from the disrespect and discrimination homosexual couples deal with regularly. I only mean to say that I empathise. Wanderer and I have also experienced the ‘triple take’ just for holding hands, etc.)

I also have to point out how much I love the part about all the things you can do with an English MA. It’s regarded as such a useless degree when it’s actually a lot more flexible in terms of career paths than many other degrees.

The cut and paste aesthetic is lovely and makes me want to get out my paper and scissors. Different sections are denoted by different fonts – something I’m seeing more that is growing on me.

Forever Incomplete is an informative zine as well as a good perzine. There are plenty of reasons to read it, so check it out.

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