Zine Review: Oh Brother! Some Stories About Growing Up With a Brother With Autism

Oh Brother! Some Stories About Growing Up With a Brother With Autism
George Rex Comics

Oh Brother! is an A5 full colour zine collection of comics about growing up with a brother with autism – and it includes drafts and background material for the upcoming book.

I hardly know where to get started with this zine. I really love George Rex’s art, and that George would open up about what is very likely a somewhat sensitive part of their life in this way leaves me feeling honoured for a glimpse of a life perspective I would not otherwise get.

Oh Brother! is a beautiful and bittersweet zine. George keeps it real with the struggles – and silly moments – of having a brother with severe autism, but there’s no self-pity to be found. There are good times that are tinged by harsher reality and harsher times that can still have smiles. George is human like everyone else and sometimes wonders about the ‘what ifs’ but also shows there is a time and place for them. That we shouldn’t get mired in ‘what if’.

George’s art style is fun to look at, with little details to enjoy if you take your time with the zine. I really enjoyed seeing a comic in its draft form in the ‘extras’ in the back.

The thing that I found really special about this zine is that it feels as much Rob’s (George’s brother) zine as it does George’s. Yes, George made the zine, of course, but it’s focused on both of them as siblings with a lovely dose of parental moments worked in as well.

Absolutely grab a copy of this zine – let’s help George make these comics and more into a book*!

*This zine is a collection of shorts that will help fund the full book of around 300 pages.

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