Zine Review: B-Movie Bandits: A Fanzine

B-Movie Bandits: A Fanzine
Sober Bob

B-Movie Bandits is an A5 black and white zine with a full colour cover about B movies, their ‘heroes’, and their influence on racist and sexist attitudes.

In her usual fashion, Sober Bob gets right into the content of the matter with an intro about how this zine came to be and the realisation of just how much movies filled with racism, sexism, and more ‘informed’ people at the time about how to ‘solve’ their problems.

With breakdowns of her “favourite over the top b movie actors (that redlettermedia introduced me to)”, Sober Bob breaks down Charles Bronson, Deathstalker, and Chuck Norris. Much in the same way, she explores the topics of racism and sexism as well, striking what I found to be an excellent balance of humour as well as treating the topics with due respect.

I have to mention the cover of this zine – made in part from a VHS tape box. The printing over the cover fits perfectly because it has that almost waxy feel and shine of an actual VHS movie box. It’s a little thing that really adds to the enjoyment for me.

I do have to add a little tsk tsk for Sober Bob not including contact details… but I can never be too hard on that because – unless it’s directly stated – you can’t know what’s intentional and what’s not.

My only complaint about this zine is that it ended too early. Haha. I know, but I’m serious. I want so much more of everything this zine offers: Bob’s thoughts on the racism, sexism, and power fantasies running rampant in these movies along with a large helping of her sarcastic sense of humour the points out the ridiculous while not taking away from the importance of the topics being discussed.

(“Charles is saaaaaaad” will forever pop into my head from now on.)

Even better, this zine examines the troubling things about these movies without demonising the lot. They existed, they happened, and we can laugh at them now while pointing out how seriously screwed up they are.

Even if you’re not into B movies or cheaply made action movies, I still recommend checking this out. I like things that examine what is so easily taken for granted or not really thought about – and this zine does that.

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