Zine Review: Nice Things That Happened to Me Because of Pokemon Go!

Nice Things That Happened to Me Because of Pokemon Go!
Avery Flinders

Nice Things That Happened to Me Because of Pokemon Go! Is an A6 full-colour zine about positive things that happened around and because of playing Pokemon Go.

This zine opens with a silver linings recounting of how Pokemon Go came out a couple of days after a car crash left Avery without a car. A game that involved a lot of walking after losing the car proved to be a big plus. From there, Avery writes about more good times that involved or came from using the game.

As I read, I had to admire Avery’s bravery. Not only were there actual wanderings through unfamiliar places – that ended up leading to fun things like a sculpture garden – but Avery also met with new people through the shared hobby. Reading this put a smile on my face. The centre spread even has pictures of various pokemon in different places.

I have to give kudos to Avery for the cursive writing that is actually readable. There are two little niggles in the forms of the margins cut a little bit here and there (nothing too bad), and Avery didn’t include contact details. But, as always with the latter, it could be intentional.

Nice Things is a lovely zine. (Minus the car accident happening, of course.) Pokemon Go got a lot of flack, as popular things do, but it also provided a lot of good – as evidenced by the stories here. Avery shares the good vibes and the positivity, and the world can always use more of that.

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