MEGA Mini-Zine Mini Reviews

Hello, zine friends! I’m trying something new today. Sometimes I read a zine I really like, but I don’t have enough to say about it to write what I consider a ‘full’ review. Bring in: Mega Mini-Zine Mini Reviews where I review five mini-zines in a mini fashion.

Let me know what you think of this idea. Now onto the reviews!

5 O’Clock Press
Craig Atkinson

5 O’Clock Press is an A6 black and white handwritten mini about Craig coming back to zines and the wonderful world that zines can open up.

This is a quick read but one with lovely thoughts and feelings about zines. It reminded me of pleasant memories from when I first found zines. Craig didn’t include any contact details in this particular zine, but that could be intentional. All up, I can see myself reading this again.

Tales From Admin Support
Sober Bob

Tales From Admin Support is a one-page mini with mini tales from working in admin support.

Five tales will leave you shaking your head and understanding why Sober Bob isn’t eager to go back to that link of work. As someone whose partner has worked in various technical support roles over the years, I had all the empathy for Bob’s frustration.

I think anyone who has had a job they didn’t like (especially if it involved dealing with other people) would enjoy checking this out.

Sweet & Sour Split Mini-Zine

Sweet & Sour is a one-page full-colour mini love ode to lemons and nectarines.

I’m not entirely sure because I’ve been doing this for a while, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen a one-page mini split zine. I love the idea and the extra thought that must have gone into the layout. Even more fun, the pages are numbered with little pictures of lemons on the lemon side and nectarines on the nectarine side.

This mini is just for the love, and some of the descriptions gave me quite a craving for fruit. Haha.

A Few Days in a Year of Ravens 1-3

A Few Days in a Year of Ravens is a set of three black and white mini-zines about the lives of a raven family.

These zines are like a bird-watching journal with experiments in feeding them different foods and other birds making an appearance in the ‘family’. I enjoyed the personalities that seemed to emerge with them and the whole family dynamic. I even laughed out loud when I read this in the second one:

“Dad came back – didn’t share.”

I think this is a series that anyone who likes birds will enjoy.

Little Things About Hawai’i
Anna G

Little Things About Hawai’I is a one-page black and white mini of, well, things about Hawai’i.

This is primarily a text zine with a wide variety of facts – absolutely none of which I knew. I found it funny how the first fact had me eager to visit but toward the end, Anna mentioned how many tourists die there due to ignoring caution signs.

Good thing I’m not a rule breaker. Mostly. Haha.

The great thing about this mini is that the facts aren’t boring. I like statistics and figures plenty, but I like life and personality a bit more.

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