Mega Mini-Zine Mini Review 2

Sometimes I read a zine I really like, but I don’t have enough to say about it to write what I consider a ‘full’ review. Bring in: Mega Mini-Zine Mini Reviews where I review five mini-zines in a mini fashion.

Genderqueer is…

Genderqueer is… is a full-colour one-page mini collection of thoughts on being genderqueer.

This zine is a journey of poetic definitions, each page dedicated to finishing the sentence started by the title. Where I expected a cut-and-dry “101” style of zine, I was pleasantly surprised to find this colourful, thoughtful zine.

Keira’s words inspire many imagines and feelings, and I’ve already gone back to read it repeatedly.

Cobalt/Periwinkle/Indigo Thoughts

Cobalt/Periwinkle/Indigo Thoughts is a set of three full-colour mini-zines that are a smidge bigger than A7. They are all collections of collages and thoughts.

The colour in these zines is gorgeous. I love the combination of washi, paper, and other elements all together. The written thoughts tie into the title in that they tap into sadness, loneliness, self-questioning, and more. On that note, I’d exercise a little caution if you are in a low mood/mindspace. But if you’re in a solid space, then take a look at these.

Dog. A Zine About Cats

Dog. A Zine About Cats is a black and white one-page mini about cats – and a little bit about dogs.

This mini ‘had me at hello’ with a title that made me smile and an art style to match. Inside, you’ll find Georgi’s thoughts about cats (and a few about dogs) as well as drawings of Georgi’s cats, Tron and Nancy. The hand drawn page backgrounds are fun, too, with little hearts, flowers, and the like.

I’m sure I’ve seen Georgi’s social stuff somewhere, but with no link on the zine and my brain fog, I can’t find any at the moment. But if you do find this zine, grab it. It’s lovely and a zine any cat enthusiast would enjoy.

Things Things Think About

Things Things Think About is a tiny A8 black and white zine about things that things (and animals) think about.

Okay, so the title was self-explanatory and more fun. Haha. This tiny zine dedicates a page to each illustration of a think or animal and what it is thinking about. (Who knew water coolers thought about maths equations? Probably to distract themselves from all the gossip.)

It’s short and sweet – you can finish it in under a minute – and it’s the sort of fun, random creation that makes me love zines all the more.

The Summer of ‘14
Rachael Carlson

The Summer of ’14 is a full-colour one-page mini collection of collage and haiku.

Colour! With collages full of colour and poems that touch on sunshine, rain, and the ocean, I can’t imagine a better title for this little lovely. I look looking through this zine on rainy days as I wait – mostly impatiently – for the sun to come back again.

Even if haiku isn’t your thing, I think there’s still enjoyment to be found in the feeling and visuals of this zine.

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    1. Yep. I have three sizes of unipin fineliners. Different colours of washi tape make it easy to see which size is which at a glance.


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