Zine Review: Emergency


Emergency is an A6 full-colour zine of photos and text contemplation of the forms of guilt and the power of other people’s perceptions.

This zine hurt my heart but in the ultimately good way that leaves it more open and willing to question first reactions when dealing with other people.

Emergency features colour photos taken in public toilets. While this may seem a strange thing, it has become a soothing measure for a father of a special needs need who needs to be accompanied in the toilet. Being a grown man with a teenage boy in a toilet brings up many feelings for Iestyn – pretty much all of which are negative despite the actual care he is providing for his child.

I feel a bit petty bringing up that this zine has no contact details because I almost feel like the point of this zine is the feelings and the words. To be in the moment of reading those thoughts and feelings and to continue pondering them even after you’re done reading. But with the strength of feeling in this zine, how could I not want to look at what else Iestyn is making?

Emergency is a zine that will be on my mind for a long time after I’ve posted this review. Check it out.

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