Zine Review: Guitarrr (And Bass) Mini Manual

Guitarrr (And Bass) Mini Manual
Nina Echozina

Guitarrr (And Bass) Mini Manual is an A7 full-colour mini about playing guitar and bass.

I swear Nina is the queen of packing a lot of info into mini-zines while still keeping them lovely to look at and easy to read. I don’t even play guitar, and I enjoy this zine. That being said, it’s not just the nice layout that kept me reading.

Guitarrr is a fantastic introduction to learning to play (electric) guitar and bass. Nina is self-taught, has played for several years, and is in the band Lavender Witch. She shares basics, tips, and tricks for learning to play with sections like ‘pick or no pick?’, ‘tuning’, ‘solo techniques’. Each section stands out easily with headers in blue, and illustrations help demonstrate what Nina is writing about.

True to form, Nina even adds a spot with a couple of resources for you to check out.

Even cooler, the entire mini folds out to reveal an illustration to show where notes are on your guitar/bass as well as some examples of chords. Love it!

Guitarrr is an excellent mini to check out – especially if you are learning or thinking about learning guitar/bass.

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