Zine Review: Inappropriate ABC’s

Inappropriate ABC’s

Inappropriate ABC’s is a quarter-sized black and white zine of ABCs that is a long, long way away from a child’s book of letters.

When I saw Warglitter’s review of this (and Ryan’s other) zines, I immediately put it on my zine wishlist.

I never claimed to have a mature sense of humour.

With this zine, Ryan seeks to give people “a new kind of alphabet book that they can relate to”. With entries like ‘A is for Abortion’ and ‘D is for Douching’, this might be a zine that you don’t want to leave lying around if you have readers that are a little young for ‘intermediate reader’ level. (Those are the only spoilers you’ll get from me.)

Each page features two letters (save for the middle spread containing six in total) each with its own word or phrase as well as its own funny rhyme. They might not always make things clearer definition-wise, but they always made me grin. The same goes for the illustrations to go along with each. (I’m looking at you, cheeky illustration for letter H.)

I love the way this zine looks and can’t imagine a better style for it. The fonts, Ryan’s sketches, the sarcasm, the words/phrases chosen for the letters – it all works together for a great zine. Especially for those of us with a less than mature sense of humour.

Grab a copy.

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