Guest Mini-Zine Reviews: Nightwalking, an incomplete guide to the cats of kingsville, Fault & Fracture #1-4, How to Properly Read Peoples Minds

Apples of The Chicken Collective is guest posting here today with my utmost thanks for even having a single thought to give to me while dealing with the chaos of a brand new baby.

Some of my favourite small zines.

I live in a hospital this week cause my wife just had a baby and the baby just had an operation. Everything is going well! It’s just that they both need a lot of medical attention so we all hang out at the hospital all the time. Last time I went home I grabbed my small box of good zines that I like to re-read, and also some new ones that just arrived! So here are a few zines that you might like to know about.

David Witteveen

nightwalking is a story about a walk taken at night. It is mostly illustrations, clear and simple with colour pencils. I really like this zine because (most of it) is so recognisable. I have many times missed the last tram home and walked through melbourne just like this. Surely I too have walked past that exact pub with sore feet and half-asleep.

I also am a sucker for A6 landscape zines with nice heavy paper covers just like this!

an incomplete guide to the cats of kingsville

Exactly what it says on the front, this is a one-sheet folded A4 zine with drawings of cats Liz met in Kingsville. The drawings are all really cute, and it comes complete with DVD extras on the other side of the sheet, inside the zine. As I’m a map nerd, I thought the background was a neat touch. And it was Liz’s first zine! But not the last.

Fault & Fracture #1-4

It’s a bit silly in the context of a review, but I don’t know if i actually can tell you why I like Fault & Fracture so much! Here are a few of the things I enjoy about it:

—sometimes Bettie writes about how writing zines is hard, and throwing away work you’re not happy with

—there’s a lot in these zines about organising zine fairs, something I’ve never done but I am super glad other people do

—other topics include excellent people the author knows, ice hockey, excellent zines and music, terrible past housemates and low-key wedding plans; all of these are favourite topics of my own

—i really like the mixture of handwriting, typewriting, and printing, and the different backgrounds and illustrations

—Bettie just seems really happy to write these zines?

Also Bettie’s handwriting is almost identical to my former housemate’s, and that just makes the zine feel extra friend-shaped to me.

I bought these all from Penfight Distro ( a while ago. I keep meaning to go check if there are any more, as all four are really enjoyable.

And a new to me and super fun zine:

How To Properly Read Other Peoples Minds
Crash Reynolds

I picked up a bunch of zines from Crash Reynolds on my way to work the day I did not actually do any work and instead drove to the hospital to surprise! meet my son. So as you imagine it took me a few days to read any of them. I loved the look of Crash’s art when I first saw it, and I was really taken by “How To Properly Read Other Peoples Minds”: a very short zine with cute illustrations and Exact Instructions. I look forward to reading the rest of the parcel soon!

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