International Zine Month Day 3 – Zine Teacher

Hello, and a happy mid-week wish for you, zine friends.

Today our activity is to spread the zine love but also the zine knowledge by teaching others about zines.

I must confess that in previous years, I have been a bit cheeky and used this site as the means by which I teach people about zines. If you don’t know, I have social anxiety disorder and, since moving to Murray Bridge, I don’t exactly have a lot of friends. (At least, not offline ones who don’t already know about zines.)

There is no cheeky bending of the rules this year, though, zine beans! This year, things just so happened to line up that I started counselling sessions, and so I introduced my psychologist to zines!

Zines are a massive part of my life – one might even go so far as to say they ARE my life – so I needed to show this new person in my life what my focus and passions are.

I’m very pleased to say that she thinks zines are absolutely brilliant, a great form of therapy for me, and a great time overall. Hehe!


I’m so pleased to have had the opportunity to share zines – and share myself, really – in a way that didn’t provoke my anxiety too much but that also had the potential to be spread to others.

So if today is a difficult day for YOU because of anxiety or other causes, believe you me when I write that I will be the last one to judge you if you want to bend the rules a bit or even substitute in a different activity. No stress here!

This is where I usually say ‘that’s it for me today’ but… I have a little bonus for you courtesy of my amazing friend Feral Publication:

Videos for International Zine Month made by the awesome Feral Publication!

Enjoy, wonderful humans, and I’ll be back tomorrow.

Much love.

Others Joining In:

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Let me know if/where you are joining in!

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