International Zine Month Day 5 / Zine Review: Am I Adulting Right?

Hello, and happy Friday, zine friends! Today I get to combine International Zine Month and my usual zine-posting schedule.

It’s zine review day!

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Am I Adulting Right?
Emma Charleston

Am I Adulting Right? is an A5 zine riso-printed in red and purple chock full of statistics on how we adult (and how we don’t).

“122 people were kind enough to anonymously fill out my survey to provide a data set that will give us all a better idea of each other’s behaviour. This will hopefully show that there is no right or wrong way of doing things, while giving us a guideline for things we’d always wondered about but never wanted to ask!”

Sometimes it’s better to let a zine introduce itself.

I’m someone who loves digging into census numbers, survey results, and pretty much any human statistics I can get my hands on. I’m so happy to have this zine in my collection.

Am I Adulting Right? opens with an introduction in numbers to the people who took the survey insofar as the usual ‘getting to know you’ age, etc types of questions. It was great to see ‘other/genderqueer’ on the options list, and I was also pleasantly surprised to see the age spread of the people involved (the majority being 30-40). I find a lot of modern polls focus mostly on the young crowds.

From there we find out responses to questions about taking care of things around the house, nicely sorted by area (eg the kitchen). We find out how often people changed their bed linens to what (if anything) they iron.

All of these stats are presented in clear, readable fonts with visually interesting layout and presentation to go along with the questions asked. I would have enjoyed the numbers on their own, but the way it’s all set up makes everything all the more enjoyable.

There’s even a comment section in the back where people share their additional thoughts on gender and housework, routines, and more.

This zine is a particular flavour of tea, but it’s a cup I think is well worth checking out. I think it’s fun as well as interesting.

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