International Zine Month Day 6 – Zine Pride Day

Happy Zine Pride Day!

Technically, Zine Pride Day was yesterday Australia time, but this site kept dropping out on me, and I eventually got to the point of getting sick of trying to post. So let’s all it Zine Pride Weekend. 😉

For Zine Pride, we are encouraged to buy, share, and read zines by people of marginalise sexual orientations and gender identities. (And don’t forget to visit the Queer Zine Archive Project!)

I decided to to share an old favourite as well as a new favourite for the zine pride loooove. For the old favourite…

Dirty Lesbian by Nina Echozina of Echo Publishing (review here) is an amazing zine by an amazing person.

“It is a call for a more radical feminism, for a lesbian and trans revolution, for getting rid of cishetpatriarchy instead of cutely smiling in the hopes of getting some crumbs.”

Definitely check it out.

The new favourite comes in the form of a collaboration zine series: Concrete Queers.

Concrete Queers is a zine made by queer people for queer people. The zine is edited by Katherine Back and Alison Evans. The truck logos are by Claire Gunst and our header is the cover art from CQ6 by Kitty Chrystal.

Each issue of CQ has a theme.

I picked up the pictured issues (3 and 9) of Concrete Queers at Festival of the Photocopier earlier this year, and have had a lovely time getting into them.

More fun? They are open for submissions!

The next three themes for CQ issues and their submission call end dates are:

CQ15: Trash and treasure – November 30
CQ16: Growth – January 25 2020
CQ17: Magic – April 25 2020

Read more about submissions HERE.

Wishing you all a beautiful, happy, and celebratory Zine Pride weekend, dear friends.

Until next time, check out the others joining in International Zine Month:

* Hadass:
* Phoebe’s Zines:
* Feral Publication:
* Enter the Papernet:

Let me know if/where you are joining in!

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