International Zine Month Days 13-16

Hello zine beans!

I apologise for being MIA for the past few days. No mail arrived in the post box over the past week, and I also decided to take a page from Feral Publication’s book and focus on things that needed attention.

I recently started therapy, and it’s my habit to push aside my ‘homework’ and myself. I’m trying to change that, and that means getting behind in other things sometimes.

So let’s catch up, shall we?

International Zine Month Day 13 – Very Zine Superstitious

The activity for this day is to make up a zine superstition and share it. Last year I wrote about putting positivity into your zine master copy by the light of the moon

For this year’s superstition, I declare that one must have an odd number of black writing instruments when starting to make a zine for the zine-making process to go smoothly. ^_^

International Zine Month Day 14 – ValenZines Day

On this fine Valenzines Day, the activity is to give yourself some zine love in whatever way it means to you.

I started my ValenZines Day with a hot cup of tea and candle with a hot bubble bath. I do like to read and even review zines in the bath. I know there are people who don’t like baths, but I love being surrounded by warmth and the lovely smells of the candle(s) and/or bubble bath.

Nichole of Pieces zine fame posted on Instagram about taking yourself out for a date, so I decided to extend my day a bit. I took myself out on a date to the Murray River.

Fresh air, a gorgeous day, zines to read… Take the little moments of bliss when you can.

International Zine Month Day 15 – Free Zine Day

Free zine day! On this day of International Zine Month, the activity is to give away zines or leave them in public places for strangers to find.

I’m falling back on my Missives From Murray Bridge mailout for this one. However, if you don’t receive the Missives already, I’ll send some out to the first five people who email me their mailing address to seagreenzines at


International Zine Month Day 16 – Zine Love List

And now we are caught up to today – a day of zine love! Make a list of reasons you love zines and share it with others.

As you can imagine, I could go on and on about this all day. Zines mean so much to me in keeping me going when it’s tough, making me feel less alone, giving me purpose… Oh, gosh, I’ve started making my list, haven’t I?

*Variety in topic and approach. Zines come in so many shapes and sizes as well as pretty much every topic under the sun. There are no limits, and that can be such a horrible thing for a lot of other areas. But for zines, I have seen so utterly much good come of it.

*Sharing is caring. While I feel like last year there were a lot of new, fresh starts in zinemaking and a lot of new zinemakers learning and joining up, I feel like this year has been a bit more about collaborations. Collab zines and other collaborative projects, people reviewing each others’ work, and working together in a myriad of different ways. Zines give people an opportunity to connect and find each other in a unique way. Beautiful.

Two doesn’t precisely make a list, but these are the closest to my heart and mind at the moment.

That is me for today, zine beans. I will be back soon with more zine goodness. Until then…

Others Joining In:

* Hadass:
* Phoebe’s Zines:
* Feral Publication:
* Enter the Papernet:

Let me know if/where you are joining in!

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