International Zine Month Day 17 – Flyer Flier

Hello, zine beans! Welcome back to a glorious International Zine Month Wednesday. Today’s activity is to make fliers for your zines. This turned out to be a great prompt timing-wise.

Fliers! I’ve been meaning to update some of my fliers for a while now, so what better reason than IZM?

I’ve decided to stop making Dear Anonymous after issue 10. There are two issues to go, so if you send more than one letter, you can be in both. Issues will still be available after 10 is done – I just won’t be making more.

Phenomena 1 isn’t even finished yet, but I’m so excited about this and want to make this a series, so I’m already putting the call out for the second issue. Hehe.

The same goes for Workaholic. This one is a bit of a ‘wide spread’ topic, but I think there is so much worth to be found in discussing it. Upward and onward!

That’s me for today, zine beans.

Until next time…

Others Joining In:

* Hadass:
* Phoebe’s Zines:
* Feral Publication:
* Enter the Papernet:

Let me know if/where you are joining in!

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