Zine Review: It’s True My Cat Isn’t Cute Enough for the Internet

It’s True My Cat Isn’t Cute Enough for the Internet
Imogen Dall

My Cat Isn’t Cute Enough for the Internet is an A5, full colour zine about Pekoe the cat and life as a cat not cute enough for the internet.

I fell in love with this zine the first time I saw it on Instagram, and I have not been disappointed.

This zine is a fun ode to the not-exactly-cute cat with murder eyes and silly sleep positions that don’t quite make the cut for cute internet cats. 99% about a fun kitty and 1% a little poke at the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ of internet fame. The 1% being this quote from the introduction of the zine:

“And yet, there’s something to be said for [Pekoe’s] pig-headed unwillingness to conform to the socio-cultural expectations of his time.”

The quote is fun in a sort of cheeky way out of context, but it’s even better with the rest of the intro.

The zine is full of fun and funny pictures of Pekoe living that Pekoe life. A somewhat evil stare, a treat hunt, and more fill this zine of cat awesomeness. There’s a spread for Pekoe’s advice for life (I especially like ‘take up space’ hehe) that I really love. My favourite part (if I dare pick a favourite) is the middle spread which let’s just say features Pekoe and would make great gift wrap.

I could go on forever about the content, but I have to take a moment to mention the design as well, because this zine is so nicely laid out, so visually pleasing, and nicely printed as well.

I love cats (and dogs!), and I feel like I’ve found a whole new genre to love in the zineverse. I would love to see more pet/furbaby/etc dedicated zines like this one.

Unless you dislike cats, then there’s every reason to check out My Cat Isn’t Cute Enough for the Internet.

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