Zine Review: Sugar Needle 34

Sugar Needle 34: The (Almost) Vegan Issue
Phlox & Corina

Sugar Needle 34 is a US vertical half-fold that is mostly black and white with some hand colouring. It’s all about sweet treats we love (and hate), this issue focusing (mostly) on vegan treats.

Hm. Am I doing a bad thing to myself by reading about sugary snacks when I have none? We shall see…

Sugar Needle opens with a brief intro about life between issues of the zine before launching into the candy reviews. I knew I was in trouble straight away because all natural vegan gummy animals sound so yummy.

After that came chocolates, toy-shaped candy, and all sorts of interesting concoctions. This isn’t your general review of Snickers and Twix, that’s for sure. They include all kinds of things including candy from other countries. (Can someone please find and send me a Vosges bacon and chocolate bar?! Mmm.) There is variety in the reviews as well with some being short and some being a little longer.

The middle spread was a pleasant surprise with a more ‘article’ style piece about Melissa Berry, owner and maker of Missionary Chocolates.

A few of the reviews made me hungry, but it’s well worth the amusing read. The whole tone of the zine is one of friends just having fun, and I really enjoyed it – and felt tempted to make my own sweets review zine.

Sugar Needle is a light read that made me smile. I’m glad I have a couple more issues in my hands to enjoy.

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