Zine Review: The Little Book of Big Caulk

The Little Book of Big Caulk
Ryan Pocket Thoughts

The Little Book of Big Caulk is a US size mini-zine full of colour and puns around caulk.

Zine friends, here we have another short review that I couldn’t resist putting up because I think a zine is hilarious.

The Little Book of Big Caulk is one of those zines where the world tells me I’m immature for laughing, but I don’t care because I love and appreciate everything that brings more smiles and laughter into my life. Naughty puns? Even better!

As you can imagine, this zine is filled with funny caulk-based puns – of which there are many. Each pun (yep, ‘caulk block’ made it in) has its own page full of colour, a drawing, and, of course, the pun itself.

I love how colourful this mini is. It feels a bit rock n’ roll like “CAULK! PUNS! COLOUR!” Haha. I hope that makes sense. Of course, Ryan’s art skills are awesome as usual and turn word puns into visual fun as well.

All up, I love things that make me smile and laugh, and this zine certainly did that. If Ryan’s work is new to you, do yourself a favour and check out his creations.

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