Zine Review: My Childhood Imaginary Friends

My Childhood Imaginary Friends

My Childhood Imaginary Friends is a full-colour art zine about Latibule’s childhood imaginary friends.

Latibule’s art is always interesting to look at, and in this zine, she’s combined it with an interesting subject as well. Double win. (I didn’t have imaginary friends when I was a kid, so I find it interesting.)

Spreads feature 1-2 of Latibule’s imaginings in drawing form, each with its own short description of its place in Latibule’s life. I’m not at all surprised to see Latibule’s imagination was so rich and creative even when she was young – combining fantasy elements with the ordinary in her excellent style.

The art, Latibule’s use of colour… I enjoyed everything about this zine. I love looking through it and have done so repeatedly. This is absolutely a zine – and an artist – to check out.

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