Zine Review: LeToMaGiC Issue 3

LeToMaGiC Issue 3

LeToMaGiC Issue 3 is a 9.5cmx9.5cm black and white mini-zine about beer, zine spots to visit, and football (soccer for American zine friends). This zine mixes some Athens goodness in along with Australian locations.

What a start to a zine! I had immediately been wondering about the mix of capital and lowercase letters of the zine, and it turns out that the totally cool title is a shortened version of another totally cool title: Letters To Marina Ginesta Coloma. I don’t want to spoil any more than that, but what a fun way to create a title and honour an important person!

LeToMaGiC starts with this to-the-point and yet not at all lacking introduction touching on the title and dedication before launching into a collection of mini-beer reviews as well as mini place reviews/thoughts. I write ‘reviews’ but it’s more like the aforementioned letters sharing thoughts and enjoyable moments about the various places.

I had a bit of a chuckle about the different names for different beer sizes in Australia. Things vary from state to state (for instance, a Victoria ‘pint’ is a South Australia ‘imperial’). I loved learning about so many things to do with my own country. With limited space, the zinemaker gets right to the interesting points like, for example, how Two Birds is the first brewery in Australia founded by women. (Of course! What a name. Haha.) And even with things I do know about and places I’ve been to (love to Sticky Institute), it’s always interesting to get a different perspective.

I enjoyed the little elements in this zine like the ‘this book belongs to’ with a blank line for writing down your name, the highlighter blue border around the cover along with highlighter orange thread handbinding, and, of course, the small colour photos of tiny footballers pasted in on some of the pages. I know pretty much nothing about football, but I still enjoyed the element.

All up, LeToMaGiC Issue 3 is an interesting zine that had me looking at places I’ve been with new eyes and even left me curious enough about some of these beers to have a go. Not to mention eager to read the other LeToMaGiC zines.

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