ZineWriMo 2019 Day 8: Friday Night Highlights: Show Off/Write About Your Progress

Happy Friday, zine friends! And hello to the eighth day of ZineWriMo. On this fine Friday, we have…

Friday Night Highlights: Show Off/Write About Your Progress

It all begins with washi.

Okay, so it technically begins with thinking about what I want to write about in a Missive, but after that, it usually starts with washi (or other design elements if I decided to make the Missive purely on the computer – I go back and forth).

I started to feel bad and drop back into the same old habits. Why haven’t I accomplished more, why don’t I have more energy, blah blah blah. These old habits are certainly difficult to break! Alas, I remembered what past Nyx has been saying all along: no stress! Some days, you can make a whole zine in 24 hours. Other days, getting some washi laid out on some pages is pretty awesome. Still other days? Well, sleep is good.

So no matter what you have or haven’t done today and so far in ZineWriMo, it’s all good. No judgments here.

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Herinza Syadza

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