ZineWriMo 2019 Day 20: Work in Progress Wednesday

Hello and welcome back to ZineWriMo in that midweek time during which it’s…

Work In Progress Wednesday

Today is a day for working toward the goals you set during the beginning of the month, catching up on prompts you may not have had the chance to do before, and all sorts of things.

For me, it involved scanning some pages, cleaning them up a bit in Photoshop…

…and then putting them into InDesign after I decided earlier that I wanted to do most of the next Missive from Murray Bridge on the computer.

Oopsie. Such is life sometimes, though. We’re allowed to change our minds and do what feels right creatively. With the way things are going and with the state of the zine cave, I feel more ‘at home’ creating the next Missive on the computer. (Especially if I want to have any chance of sending it out before the holiday mail onslaught really picks up!)

So that’s where I am today. How about you? Your work in progress can totally be your own mental health, by the way, so it’s still a day’s success if you needed to take the day for yourself. Be well, be kind, and take care of you.

Until next time, make some zines and spread a little sunshine…

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Herinza Syadza

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