ZineWriMo 2019 Day 21: Be Inspired! Read Zines

Hello and happy Thursday to you, zine friends! Today is a day for one of my faaaavourite zine activities…

Be Inspired! Read Zines

In a lot of things in life, we’re told to immerse ourselves in that thing to get inspiration and to learn. Whether it’s learning a new language or finding inspiration for that next painting, it’s good to experience parts of that art – whether you end up enjoying it or not – to find your own voice and style.

The same, of course, applies to zines!

There’s so much to learn about zines from their topics to their making. I still get surprised even after so many reviews. I’m all about diving right in and discovering as many zines as you can to both enjoy as well as figure out what kind of elements you’d like to bring to your own zine.

So what zines did I read today? You’ll find out one later in the zine review to come…

Until then, make some zines and spread a little sunshine.

Other Participants:


Novice Zinester
Herinza Syadza

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