Zine Review: Dirty Machine

Dirty Machine: short and slutty poems

Dirty Machine: short and slutty poems is an A5 zine of short, dirty poems inspired by submissions of three random words from people on Twitter.

Is it bad that I’m laughing at delight at the mere concept of this zine?

Dirty Machine opens with a fun preface from Nana in which they right about the surprise about how excited people got about exchanging three random words for a dirty poem. (I don’t find this at all surprising. Hehe.) Nana also includes plenty of socials, details about the zine itself, and – as special bonus content – a SoundCloud link to enjoy!

From the preface, we launch into a collection of short poems that range from cheeky to nicely seductive. A few of the poems are in a different language, but most are in English. Like the mark on the cover says, this zine is for mature readers only.

Poetry is still poetry – mostly a mystery, and I know what I like when I read it. That being said, I quite enjoyed these poems. I like the variety in tone and structure, and I do like a bit of mature content. I like Nana’s use of sensory words as well as phrases that gave me clear imagery.

Or sometimes a giggle, like in the case of “Darling,/ what’s your safeword?”

The look and feel of this zine is quite nice. It has a nice glossy cover with smooth pages inside. Every poem has its own page with the random three words each in their own speech bubble floating above it. Even the page numbers are fun, noted by black cats sporting the white numbers.

Dirty Machine feels fun and fresh full of an energy as well as a sense of challenging the unknown. I don’t envy Nana the task of writing poems to these sets of three. One in particular – lemang, cheese, crispy – would have left my mind completely blank!

If you’re a mature reader who thinks short and slutty poems would be fun, then I can tell you this zine is one for you to check out.

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