On Ice Skating & Zine Mail

Hello, dear zine friends!

A quick note for you today. Some fabulous zine mail has arrived in the post box over the past week.

However… Your fluffy zine enthusiast decided to have a go at ice skating recently. The results? A love for ice skating, and an inability to sit in the same position (if at all) for very long. Haha. I landed squarely on my tailbone at one point, and I haven’t been able to sit properly since.

It’s all good and fine – nothing permanently or even badly damaged. But it does mean sitting for a video is a literally painful endeavour this week and one I’d prefer to delay until next week. (I couldn’t figure out how to shoot the video on my stomach without it also being uncomfortable.)

Please forgive the delay! I’m sure I’ll be right back to it for next week’s Happy Mail Monday.

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