Zine Review: State of Mind

State of Mind: An Exploration of Emotions

State of Mind is a full colour, US-sized half-fold zine with art and collage exploring five different emotions.

In State of Mind, Mary takes us on a journey of hand drawn art and cut out words and phrases exploring five different states of mind: mania, anxiety, dissociation, psychosis, and hyperfocus. Each state is given its own full page filled with (but not cluttered) colour and different expressions for that state.

Collage can be a little bit like poetry for me – I know what I like, but I don’t always know how to explain why I like it. However, in State of Mind, I found it quite easy. Each page features a hand drawn person who is Mary’s physical representation central to all the words around it. I quite liked that element not just visually but almost as a visual metaphor as well in that we can often be surrounded by labels, questions, and so forth when it comes to being in certain states.

I was also struck by what a great way this is for helping people who might otherwise feel overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to express how they feel about being in certain states. I love the idea of sitting at a table with markers, pens, and a bunch of magazines to cut up for the pure enjoyment of not only making art but exploring things in an artistic way.

One little nitpick is that this came with no socials whatsoever. There is always the part of this nitpick of mine in that some people prefer it that way – to be anonymous in their zine creations. But, as it’s on Etsy, and there are no notes about keeping it out of reviews/sharing, I think it’s okay to mention.

I quite enjoyed this zine and am glad to have it as part of my collection. I think it’s a good one to check out to not only help you in exploring your own emotions/states of mind but perhaps in also inspiring you to find creative ways to help others explore theirs. I very much hope to see Mary make more of these zines exploring other states as well.

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