Mini Zine Review: Things That Are Not Face Masks

Things That Are Not Face Masks
Zappix Art

Things That Are Not Face Masks is an A7 black-on-green-paper mini art zine about, well, things that are not face masks.

Oh, dear zine friends. I wanted a short and sweet zine that would make me smile after a very long week, and this mini really hit the spot.

Each page features two different drawings of people wearing things that are definitely not face masks along with a description of what said ‘not a mask’ is. These made me smile so much not only because I’ve seen the memes of people wearing things like thongs as masks but so much more so because of Zappix’s sense of humour. Things I would never think of – including “This zine” – gave me a chuckle when one is very much needed and appreciated.

There’s even a rather, ahem, adult item that made me laugh out loud because it’s definitely not a face mask! I’ll leave that one for you to discover, though, and just grin cheekily when I think about it.

Things That Are Not Face Masks is a mini to pick up. Things are incredibly rough, and we need all the smiles and laughs we can get. This is definitely a zine for that.

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