Zine Review: Drivel #1 – The New Issue

Drivel #1 – The New Issue
Gina Sarti

Drivel #1 – The New Issue is a US-sized half-fold black and white zine full of a variety of pieces all around the theme of ‘newness’.

A zine with a dedication! Can we do more of that? It’s such a lovely touch.

Drivel is a cut and paste style zine with handwriting, (primarily) type, drawings, and (patterned) backgrounds. It’s the kind of zine a casual flip through will tell you is packed with plenty to read in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Gina opens with a dedication, a thank you for reading, and even a PO box for getting in touch if you’d like. How friendly is that? From there we go into plenty of fun new things like new treats, new romances, new words, and more. Interviews are involved as well – adding a bit of collab-ish flavour as well.

I’m a big romantic softie at heart, so of course I loved the ‘new romance’ part in which Gina asked two friends who recently started dating to both answer a series of very sweet questions.

Gina’s interview with their friend Rachel is very interesting. Wow is Rachel an interesting person! Plus I love the idea of friends – new or old – interviewing each other. There’s always more to learn.

Drivel is a fun zine full of variety, spice, laughs, serious moments… I enjoyed reading this a lot, and I hope there is another Drivel in the zineverse or it’s on its way.

Check it out.

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