Zine Review: Healing – Musings From a Mental Ward

Healing – Musings From a Mental Ward
Sian May

Healing – Musings From a Mental Ward is an A6 read and white zine of art and word musings.

This is one of those zines I have a hard time reviewing because I know I like it, but I struggle to find the words tell you why.

In a combination of few words and uniquely detailed drawings, Sian takes a journey of thought. ‘Musings’ is the perfect word. I felt like I was wandering with Sian as they processed being in a place that creates a lot deep thinking and complex feelings.

This zine reminds me of poetry – it presents a lot, but my interpretations from my own experiences bring a lot to the reading experience.

I think Healing is a zine to check out (if wards are not a sensitive topic for you). I’m looking forward to looking into more of Sian’s creations.

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