Zine Review: Who Am I?

Who Am I? An Interactive Zine to Help You Explore Your Ever-Growing Identity
Reflective Zines (Mary)

Who Am I? is a full-colour US half-fold zine full of questions and prompts to help you explore who you are.

I like a bit of self-exploration at any time, but the fresh start of a new year feels like an especially good time to do so.

Who Am I? opens with an introduction about identity, how it can change, and the influence of mental illness on a person’s sense of identity. From there, we dive into pages of questions, prompts, and other activities to help you get to know who you are at this point in time.

Mary starts gently with a ‘draw yourself’ prompt followed by basics like hair and eye colour. But it slowly gets more introspective with questions about your role models, the past, and how vital certain things are to you for your future.

Reflective Zines are so full of colour and personality that makes them easy for me to engage in. All of the questions and prompts are set on the pages amongst colourful art as well as various quotes about identity. Winner all around for me.

This is the kind of zine I would like to fill out, put away, and take out again in a year’s time to see how I’ve changed (and no changed) over time. I had fun with most of the questions (thinking about the past is difficult but valuable) and liked how many questions there were about things I don’t usually think about.

This is a fun zine that offers a lot. If you want to find out more about yourself and/or make a record of where you are at a specific point in time, pick this up.

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