Zine Review: The Adventures of Punk Bird Issues 2 & 3

The Adventures of Punk Bird Issues 2 & 3
Punk Bird

The Adventures of Punk Bird Issues 2 & 3 are black and white US quarter-sized comic zines about Punk Bird adventures in drunkenness and trying to find a new place rent.

I think the biggest thing I personally take from Punk Bird is that I really need to chill out.

Whether it’s getting drunk and stealing a police car, apologising to friends for drunk behaviour, or going through hell to find a new rental, Punk Bird is doing it all in style. Issues two and three continue on with the ‘day in the life’ feel and style of the first issue with each focusing on a particular event/point in time.

I haven’t had any alcohol-fuelled adventures anywhere near the level of Punk Bird (issue two), but I absolutely related to the ridiculousness of trying to find a rental (issue one) – including holes in the floor!

Punk Bird is a comic series I feel like I can relax and have a laugh with. (And be reminded I need to chill out, as I mentioned.) They’re a reminder that life is a mess and so are we, but it can still be fun and work out in the end.

Rock on, Punk Bird.

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