Zine Review: A Brief But Intense Infatuation

A Brief But Intense Infatuation
Karys McEwen & Samantha Riegl

A Brief But Intense Infatuation is a black and white A6 zine about crushes of various natures and durations.

There is something about stories of love and crushes that gets me every time.

A Brief But Intense Infatuation opens with a definition of ‘crush’ in verb and noun forms (the latter providing inspiration for the title). Then we launch into a collab of crushes. From first crushes to worst crushes, each page is dedicated to one crush story in that person’s chosen styles. Some are cringey, some are sad, and others are oh, so easy to identify with.

I liked the variety of cut and paste styles in this zine, but the stories are really what drew me in. I love that Karys and Samantha had different types of crushes in this zine. I’ve never had a celebrity crush, but I’ve certainly had a brief crush and a ‘WTF Was I Thinking?’ crush. Crushes can be funny (and a myriad of other things) bonding material.

I think this is one of those zines where you’ll have a good idea of whether you’d like to check it out given the subject matter. If you’re interested in crush stories and the like, then pick this one up.

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