Zine Review: Angry

Angry: A Review of ‘The Fiorenza Forced Marriage’ by Melanie Milburne
Angry Romantic

Angry is a one-page-folded A6 black and white zine review of ‘The Fiorenza Forced Marriage’ by Melanie Milburne.

I feel like I’ve found an established series with Angry reviews: I’m not completely sure what’s happening, but I like it, and I’m excited.

In this one-page zine, Angry Romantic breaks down this novel in many funny and, indeed, angry ways. There is even a review of the back cover blurb, which is apparently quite the tease that doesn’t exactly deliver.

Angry Romantic gives us a bit of a plot run down in the first middle spread by giving us twelve different plot points/elements rated on the A.N.G.R.Y. scale. What is the A.N.G.R.Y. scale? I don’t know, but this book didn’t do well on it. Negative ratings are possible.

When you fully open the zine, you find an ‘ad’ for 2009 horoscope book, a spotlight on the author, fun ways the author refers to genitals, and the final verdict on the story from Angry Romantic.

As a writer, I would be a touch horrified to have my work reviewed in such a way… but I absolutely laughed reading this. Plus, even with the humour, Angry Romantic makes points that make it clear a little criticism is warranted.

Even better? This is a free zine!

I absolutely need more of these in my life. I think anyone who has read a romance novel needs it in their life, too.

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