Zine Review: I Actually Liked the Cats Movie!

I Actually Liked the Cats Movie!
Anna Gecko

I Actually Liked the Cats Movie! is a US-sized colour zine about why Anna liked the Cats movie.

This mini is a handwritten text zine primarily featuring Anna’s reasons for why they liked the Cats movie – the only person I’ve seen express a positive opinion of the movie.

I must admit that this zine initially intrigued me because it’s the only positive opinion I’ve seen about this movie. It’s a quick read that is definitely a list and not a movie review in a more traditional sense. I’ve seen the play but not the movie, and I can say it definitely helps to be familiar with character names.

Having seen the play but not the movie – was this mini enough to get me to check out the movie? Well, I’m open to watching it.

If you liked the movie but haven’t wanted to say so because of all the negative commentary, or if you didn’t like the movie and wonder how someone could have liked it, this is a mini zine for you.

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