Zine Review: Things I Do to Self Soothe

Things I Do to Self Soothe
Crash Reynolds

Things I Do to Self Soothe is a full colour, US-sized half fold zine about self-soothing techniques that work for Crash.

Oh, I do so love self-care, and self-soothing is a very important topic under that subject umbrella.

Things I Do to Self Soothe opens with a brief introduction to these techniques with a reminder that they are what works for Crash. They may or may not work for you – and finding what works for you is important. From there we go into a list of different self-soothing techniques to try.

I like how Crash broke these up into categories. It starts out with things you can do outside before going into things you can think and then things you can do inside. Maybe it’s my inner list-lover or love of organisation, but I like knowing that I can refer to a specific page depending on what I’m looking for.

Not that I would exactly get lost. This is a short zine, but I’m always appreciative of self-care zines because there is always something I hadn’t thought of or tried before. (I think I may have mentioned recently that I’ve only just started using washing my face as both self-care and self-soothing.)

I enjoyed the aesthetic of this zine, too. It’s colourful without being overwhelming, it’s not too bright, and Crash’s handwriting is not only big but easy to read as well. All the suggestions are separated and pop thanks to colour borders. I’m fairly certain Crash used crayons to create those borders, and there’s something about that that makes me smile.

If you’re into self-care zines, then this is definitely one to add to your collection.

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