Zine Review: The Psychology of Color!

The Psychology of Color! What do colors make us feel?

The Psychology of Color! is a full-colour US-sized one-page mini zine about what different colours can make you feel.

The Psychology of Color! is a pretty zine that makes me smile. I mean, I love colour, and this is a mini about colour. Mary gets right into things with each page featuring a single colour. A header, a brief list of feelings, and small drawings cover each colour.

This zine is like a first step intro into colour psychology, which is a huge, interesting subject. Like with many of their zines, I love that Mary has made another zine that serves as a great way to ‘dip your toes in’ with a given subject.

I like this mini a lot. It’s nice to look at, makes me smile, and has re-lit my interest in colour psychology. It’s definitely a bright and lovely zine for anyone’s collection.

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