Mini-Zine Review: Witches’ Brew #1

Witches’ Brew #1
Echo Publishing

Witches Brew #1 is a full-colour A7 zine about Nina’s favourite herbs.

I couldn’t grow a weed in the most perfect summer, so I really admire people who have a green thumb or affinity for plant life.

Witches’ Brew opens right into the herbs, with each page featuring the herb’s name, a drawing of it, and a few thoughts from Nina like potential uses of the herb or how well it grows. The aesthetic inside matches the cover with the gorgeous green as the background and line drawings. I always go on about Nina’s handwriting, but she has an amazing balance of easy to read writing and small enough writing to pack in plenty of information.

Unfolding this little beauty reveals a simple, yummy-sounding recipe for thyme pasta as well as instructions on how to make a lavender bag.

I love learning new things, and mini-zines like this one are a lovely intro into various topics without being overwhelming. If you have any interest in herbs, definitely pick this one up.

PS. I’m excited to see the ‘#1’ on here too, implying a series to come.

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