Zine Review: Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas
Mel Buttigieg

Nightmare Before Christmas is a black and white A7 one-page mini fanzine for the Tim Burton classic ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.

Mel uses the one-page mini to full fanzine potential with the combination of art and words dedicated to the awesome movie ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. When you open it up, you find Mel’s art of Jack, Zero, and more. When you fully unfold it, you find Mel’s writing about watching ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ for the first time, Tim Burton’s work, and more.

I really like this movie, which is absolutely why I picked up this mini. Mel’s art style is fun while staying true to the movie, and I enjoyed reading Mel’s story with and thoughts about the movie. (I wish I could remember the very first time I watched it.)

This mini is not only a lovely tribute to ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ but also a great mix of fanzine, perzine, and art zine.

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