Mini-Zine Review: Lost and Forgotten Words of Love

Lost and Forgotten Words of Love
October Stoner

Lost and Forgotten Words of Love is a US-sized, one page folded, black print on pink paper zine of lovely words about a person.

This will be a short and sweet review for a short and sweet zine.

Lost and Forgotten Words of Love is a collection of short expression of why October appreciates and unnamed person this mini seems to be dedicated to. Each page features a statement of appreciation with related doodles. From the person’s generosity to taste in moves, they are awesome in Stoner’s eyes.

This zine is a quick read but a touching one. I love the idea of appreciating someone so much you make a zine about them. I also loved the things Ocrober write about – for instance, how the person smells like basil.

This is a sweet smile of zine.

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