Mini-Zine Review: It Loves to Happen

It Loves to Happen
True Zine Marin

It Loves to Happen is a full colour, super tiny 3cm x 4cm mini-comic about the beautiful evolution of a butterfly.

This little lovely is a completely wordless zine save for a little info about who made it and where the template for this tiny comic came from ( (Thank you for that information!) Each tiny colourful page depicts one moment in time, and we travel with the butterfly from its itty bitty days all the way through until it emerges from its cocoon. So much life taking place on one small part of a small plant. I love it.

Maybe it’s the nature elements, maybe it’s the fact I like butterflies, maybe it’s because this mini is such an adorable size… Or all of the above! No matter where it lands, I love this itty bitty beauty. It’s sweet, it’s cute, I don’t have to think too hard, and it’s a wonderful little reminder to appreciate all the amazing things happening in nature.

If you can get your hands on a copy, pick it up.

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