Mini-Zine Review: Locket Zine

Locket Zine
Anna Gecko

Locket Zine is a tiny 3cm x 3cm zine in an actual locket full of lovely little positive statements.

I really want to get a chain for this not only because it’s small and will help me keep track of it but because it would be great to keep these little compliments close on the darker days.

Inside this little silver locket is a cut-to-fit accordion fold piece of notebook paper. Each page has a very short, nice thing that I think everyone would love to hear like “I’m really glad you’re here”.

This zine is fun in so many ways. Being small makes it cute, the accordion fold make sit feel like you’re opening a surprise, and the sentiments inside are so sweet and thoughtful. That it comes in a locket that you can wear around your neck just goes to show what fun things people can do with zines. I love this as an idea for a friend who is going through a hard time or to share important thoughts with someone you care about. Things you want them to always remember.

I have no idea if this was a one-off zine or if there were or are more available. If there are, pick one up and get a little sunshine in your life. And either way, try making one yourself as well. I think it’d make an awesome project.

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