Zine Review: Wednesday

George Rex
16 pages

Wednesday is an A5 black and white Hourly Comics Day collection of short comics about a day of trying to create one short comic per hour in a day.

Reviewing a zine called ‘Wednesday’ on a Wednesday? Yeah, I’m pretty easily entertained.

I love a perzine, and a perzine comic is a fun flavour of the genre. George opens with a note on the inside cover by letting the reader know this is their first attempt (from back in 2017) at the Hourly Comics Day Challenge. From there we go into the comics.

For each one-hour segment, we get a one-page comic featuring something from that time slot. Breakfast, email overwhelm, existential scrolling dread… Wednesday is a real peek into a day that many of us can identify on one level or another.

George’s art style is fun and makes me smile. Everything is easy to read and easy to see. There are still little details that you could miss if you take things too quickly like a t-shirt slogan.

I thought it was fun to get a peek into an artist’s life and find out how much we had in common. We tend to think other people do things so differently, so much better, in such a more organised way… But a skilled artist scrolls perhaps a little too much and enjoys making pasta just like me. It is a fairly quick read, and a pleasant one.

Check it out if you’d like to see some chill ‘day in the life’ comics. (And perhaps feel inspired to take up the challenge yourself.)

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