Zine Review: Things That Happen to Crash When She Has a Panic Attack

Things That Happen to Crash When She Has a Panic Attack
Crash Reynolds
4 pages

Things That Happen to Crash When She Has a Panic Attack is a full-colour, US-sized half-fold zine about Crash’s experience of a panic attack.

Crash comes to us once more with another mental health perzine.

I think the title makes the possible content warnings clear. I was wondering how I’d go with reading about someone else’s panic attack experiences, but I went pretty well. (Of course, that’s just me. No one knows you better than you.) I found it interesting how much we had in common but even moreso how different our experiences are. Nothing in life is ‘one size fits all’, and this is a good reminder of that.

On another level, it felt nice that Crash decided to share this. While she didn’t share this aimed at me as such, I do feel like I know her better as a friend. It gave me the idea that it could be good for people to make zines like this one about their experiences to help their friends and family to better understand what they go through (and perhaps even how they can help in different situations).

I love the glittery papers Crash uses in this zine. They’re so pretty, and yet I can’t help but be reminded of the medical videos where they demonstrate the connections inside a brain. I wonder if this was intentional on Crash’s part implying brain connections, sparks, electricity… or perhaps I’m reading too much into it. Either way, it’s an element I enjoy.

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